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Deergraze Kennels Bloodhounds offers quality Bloodhound Puppies For Sale in Virginia. We ship World Wide.

Caring and conscientious Bloodhound breeders in Virginia, Sue Williams breeds and raises Bloodhound puppies for sale in Virginia to approved buyers.

Deergraze Kennels Bloodhounds

Sue Williams
Vernon Hill, Virginia
Ph: (Fax) (434) 432-2447
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If you are interested in applying to purchase one of our quality Bloodhound puppies for sale in Virginia your family, please give us a call at or send an email. As reputable Bloodhound dog breeders in Virginia, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our dogs and puppies. We look forward to hearing from you!

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About Our Bloodhound Puppies For Sale

Deergraze Kennels have been breeding, raising and showing exceptional Bloodhound dogs and puppies for loving, responsible owners for decades. Located on a spacious ranch in rural Virginia, our dogs and puppies thrive on plenty of love and companionship, while having lots of space in which to roam and just "be dogs". As experienced show breeders, we strictly adhere to breed standards with each breeding, and our goal is always to improve upon the Bloodhound breed. If a healthy, well-socialized and conformationally correct Bloodhound puppy is your desire, then Deergraze Kennels is the right choice for your family.

Our Bloodhound dogs and puppies are registered with AKC. We are members of .

Bloodhound Puppy Health Information

As responsible and experienced Bloodhound breeders, the health, temperament, socialization, well-being and longevity of our Bloodhound puppies is our primary concern. All of our breeding dogs are carefully screened for health problems, and each puppie is sold with a comprehensive health guarantee, details of which can be found on our web site at www.deergrazekennels.com

Our Bloodhound puppies are carefully examined by our veterinarian before being placed with their new families, and have received initial vaccinations, deworming and health clearances. We do everything possible to ensure that our Deergraze Bloodhound puppies are healthy, well-socialized, and conformationally correct examples of the Bloodhound dog breed, as well as making a wonderful addition to the families they join.

We care about our Bloodhound dogs and puppies very much, and do our utmost to ensure that they are being placed in loving, forever homes with responsible owners who will always anticipate and provide for their puppy's needs. We look for individuals and families that have carefully considered the decision to add a Bloodhound puppy to the family, after learning all about this majestic dog breed and what is required to care for them. Buyers must have a securely fenced yard, and the time, and financial resources to provide for their puppy's exercise, nutritional and veterinary needs.

We consider our puppy buyers to be "extended family" and are happy to provide advice and support as you adjust to life as Bloodhound dog owners.

Our commitment to our Bloodhound puppies never ends, and in the unfortunate event that our buyers are unable to keep their puppy or dog for any reason, Deergraze Kennels will either take it back or assist in finding a suitable new home.

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Thank you for your interest in our Bloodhound puppies for sale in Virginia. We ship World Wide..

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